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A Merry RB Christmas

With the start of December and the first sights of snow, Christmas is soon approaching. Nothing works better to get you in the mood for the holidays than some cheery Christmas music. For R&B lovers out there, here's some great Christmas songs to ensure a merry, soulful Christmas. 1. All 4 One - The First Noel The guys from All 4 One sound awesome on this track as they sing a Christmas classic.

A nice listen that shows all the untapped quality in this group of guys. 2. Boyz II Men - Let It Snow The guys for Boyz II Men gather for the holiday and celebrate the snowy weather. Back fom when the group was still a quartet, it's a Christmas treat just to hear them all sing.

3. Take 6 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen A nice soft sound as the guys of Take 6 utilize some of their harmonies to try and get you in the spirit. While it gets a little off at times, the track's still a nice soft Christmas ballad. 4. Wild Orchid - Merry Chris Mix Before Fergie went big with the Black Eyed Peas, she was one of the super model singers in the group Wild Orchid.

Here they run the gamut on a variety of Christmas tracks and put their own sound to them all. 5. Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey - When You Believe Rich vocals by two of the best female singers out there.

The song isn't really a Christmas song, but its strong spiritual meaning and the movie it was made for allow it to fit the bill. Besides, it's a great song so who's complaining? 6. Luther Vandross - Every Year, Every Christmas Nothing says the holidays like some smooth Luther Vandross. While it's not your traditional Christmas song, it sounds wonderful. 7.

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You The track that quickly became a staple for Christmas. It's annoying hearing it all the time on the radio, but it's still infectiously fun. 8.

Destiny's Child - 8 Days of Christmas The video embodies the true spirit of Christmas right from the start of the video as the girls march out in short skirted santa outfits. The song compliments it further with its rich materialist message. Okay, so it's clearly designed to be a single and their album had more Christmas-y music. but what can ya do. 9. Xscape - Christmas Without You Xscape's last album, Traces of My Lipstick was great and here's a solid remembrance of what made the group great.

The individual vocals are solid and the harmonies are even better. A nice Christmas-y track. 10. Gerald LeVert - Christmas Without My Girl As I write this list, we're a little over a year since Gerald LeVert passed away. This track shows the wonder of LeVert's voice and is a Christmas song and a love song in one.

11. Brian McKnight - Home for the Holidays Brian McKnight does well on this uptempo track and it has a nice holiday feel to it. A fun listen and great to play around the house as Christmas comes. 12.

Silk - White Christmas Probably one of the coolest Christmas songs. The guys of Silk really rock the house with some stylish a capella. The deep voice is just awesome. 13. Babyface - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Wrapping things up, Babyface takes a standard Christmas tune and laces it with a jazz-y feel. Hopefully those will keep you smiling as the chestnuts roast over an open fire.

Have a Merry Christmas!.

Martin Fister is the administrator and chief content provider for the 90s music site, R&B Haven, a site which features over 150 artist bios. These bios include Boyz II Men and hI-fIVE .


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