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Nina Ricci - Top Designer
In 1883 in Turin, Italy Maria Nielli was born. In 1895 when Maria was 12, her family moved to France. When she was 13, she apprenticed to a dressmaker. At the age of 18 Maria had read more>>
Fashion & style
For some time now, women's fashion has been treading water. The world has witnessed the read more>>
Fashion Sensation
It's dazzling, dramatic, dynamic and more. It's the take-your-breathe-away excitement of French Couture that can only be described as a Fashion Sensation! read more>>
Paris After Five Fashion
Fashionable Paris is always edgy and stylish, so it's not surprising that this season's after-five collections from the world fashion mecca include standout creations that demand attention. read more>>
Louis Vuitton and 3 New Louis Vuitton handbags
Louis Vuitton handbags and purses are known and recognized throughout the world as items of extreme quality, respect, prestige and luxury. read more>>



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