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Coach Purses on Ebay Dont Get Scammed

Ebay or other similar auction sites are ideal to find amazing deals on your favorite Coach purses. The sad truth is that not all sellers on Ebay are honest. It is well known that people try to sell non genuine Coach purses to unsuspecting customers. Don't let yourself be one of those that are fooled by these fake Coach purses. Don't worry though, there are some common traits of these false products and once you familiarize yourself with them you will be able to spot a fake Coach purse from a mile away. Be on the look-out for someone who has many of the same purses for sale.

There are websites that sell the fake Coach purses for discount in huge volume and dishonest sellers often buy from these places so they have many of the same bags. Fabric is much easier and less expensive to exploit so be extra careful when dealing with cloth coach bags. Unfortunately this does not make you safe if you are buying a leather coach purse.

A good clue into whether the purse is authentic or not is buy paying attention to the photos, they can tip you off to a fake Coach purse. A possible tip that the bag is fake is if the seller is using Coach's website pictures which usually have a white background. Another tip is the size of the picture. If the picture is so small that you can't see any detail of the purse then Contact the seller and see if they will send you an actual picture of the item. With a decent picture and some common sense you should be able to tell if the Coach purse not an original. It is important to read the text of the seller's post very carefully.

Look to see if the seller mentions that the Coach purse is what it's supposed to be, an authentic Coach purse. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for shady Ebay sellers to avoid flat out lying they will not tell you the whole truth. Just like when you are buying any other object on Ebay it is smart to pay close attention to the sellers.

It is always more risky to buy from someone who has little or no feedback. In fact, to stay safe, I would simple not buy from someone who has not or little feedback. If the Seller has lots of feedback make sure you read the negative feedback and see if there is any mention of Fake Coach purses . Remember that if you have any questions you can always write the seller One of the most important tips is to always use PayPal when you buy things off of Ebay. When you use PayPal you are instantly eligible for $2000 dollars in coverage if something goes wrong with the purchase. If somehow after reading all these tips you do end up with a fake coach purse then you can get your money back by disputing the transaction.

It's all good :) This article was not meant to scare you. Ebay is still a great place to buy Coach Purses at discount prices. Take a deep breath, and as long as you take this advice to heart you can buy Coach Purses and super discount deals. Happy shopping!.

Stay clear of fake Coach purses. If you would like more info on fake Coach handbags then vist


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