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I Am Finally On My Way To College

I just never thought that this day would come. I worked so hard all through school, taking classes that I knew I would need, making sure my grades were excellent, applying to only the best colleges; and now my day has finally arrived. I remember my guidance counselor talking to me when I was a freshman in high school, telling me what great potential I had and that I was going to go far in this world. I didn't believe a word she said. I didn't have any plans on going on to college,leave home or work that hard in school. I was here to learn and have fun and enjoy life.

Boy, did things ever change in my life because of this wonderful woman. She kept telling me to reach for the stars, create my own goals and achieve them and always learn at least one new thing everyday. Sure a lot of other people told me the same thing, my mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, the next door neighbor but for some reason, it really meant something coming from her. Well, here I am going off to college, scared as heck and looking forward to it at the same time.

Boy, what a confusing world this is. It's a good thing that along the way someone taught me how to be organized or I would really be in a mess. I have lists all over my notebook that I have gone over a million times, but now I am ready. My first list was everything that I was going to need; Notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, my lap top, a tape recorder, manila folders, my file holder, erasers, an address book, and my trusty calendar. My second list consisted of everything that I was going to need for my room: Blankets, sheets, pillow, lamps, radio with CD player, small microwave, paper plates, food (lots of it for late night studying), coffee pot (I don't drink coffee, but it comes in handy for hot chocolate and tea), and my file cabinet (it will second for an end table).

My third list is all about ME: Hair dryer, combs, brushes, soap, towels and wash cloths,make-up, hair spray, toners and other face stuff, deodorant, tanning lotion, hand cream etc. Sleep shirts, slippers,underwear,socks,hats,mittens and gloves, scarves,jeans, sweatshirts and pants, t-shirts, skirts and blouses, swimming suit, And money-lots of money. Okay, now I am already for my first week of school, it's a good thing that I thought to buy a calling card too; I think I am going to have to call home so mom and dad can bring things for the second week. Oh my gosh, where is all of this stuff going to fit?.

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