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Turning A Friend Into A Lover

So you want to turn that friend you have liked for so long into a lover? Well I have good and bad news for you. Yes it is possible to turn that friend of yours into a lover, something more depending on the situation. This is a problem that most women get frustrated and angry about because they believe that they are not able to have a guy friend because they always want more than friendship and unfortunately this is true with most men. What about yourself. how many female friends have you got in your life that you see on a regular basis that you never liked? I can bet not many.

If the woman you want to have more than friendship with associates you as "just friends" then you have no chance. Once a woman makes her mind up about you, there is nothing really you can do to change it unless you leave for a long time and come back a different person, but even then it's extremely hard because those emotions and feelings will always be there. Yes I have heard of men that have stuck it out there and waited 3 years and the woman finally came around and now they are dating. Though are you willing to wait 3 years of pain as well, seeing that woman date guy after guy and you having to just sit there and wait? How much have you lost in life? How many relationships have you lost out on by just waiting around for you to be good enough for her? What happens if you wait that 3 years and still nothing happens and you keep hoping? I have come to the realization that I believe in hope but believing in hope with women is a very fine line. So you want this woman to be a lover? What have you done about it so far? Most guys I talk to want to have that friend to turn into their lover but they have done nothing about it, thinking it's going to happen by itself.

Honesty is the best policy. You can say anything to a woman if you say it like a man, what are you waiting for? She is not going to sit down with you and say "ok look, I know you like me can you just hurry up and say something." It is not the female's role to take that step. The downside of this, depending on how long you have been friends for is that you would not have built that much attraction especially if she sees you as a friend.

There are several approaches you can take to see if there is any attraction there. You can flirt with the woman and see if she flirts back. You can have a pillow fight with her or tickle her. It is a completely different game getting a friend to be a lover as opposed to meeting someone new and the attraction already being there. If you want to save time and effort then be honest with the woman. She already knows deep down that you like her, whether or not she is tricking herself into thinking you don't.

So be honest but say it as a man, don't seek a reaction from the woman when you are talking to her and don't hold back. Don't go too overboard and sound like you are obsessed with her but just let her know that you are attracted to her and want to take things to the next level. She will respond and let you know how she feels. You can either say something or not but either way if you don't you are going to keep on wondering and there is nothing worse than not being certain in life. So save yourself time and the woman you are attracted to time. From experience, the advice I would give to you is move on and meet other women, it is what I did and the following years was very grateful that I made that decision.

There is an abundance of women out there more than YOU could ever handle. So if you are honest with the woman and don't get the answer you want, use that pain to become a better person and have whatever female you want. Copyright (c) 2007 Ignite.

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