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Why Shop Online

Have you ever driven to the store looking for the perfect shoe? You go from store to store looking at what they have to offer until you find just the right one. But when you go to the sales person and ask for one in your size they tell you that they are sold out of your size. The more this happens, the more enticing online shopping becomes. Some of the bigger traditional stores have tried online stores and come to the conclusion that they don't work. If you check out their stores you can buy anything they could not sell in the store but not every item the store sells. The traditional Brick and Mortar edge.

For store owners who depend on foot traffic to make sales the growth of online retailers is a serious threat. The local store now has to focus on its strength and hope that remains enough to win the consumer. Privacy and Security. Preying on the fear that your private information will be out there for anyone to grab and abuse is a favorite of the traditional store. However as more americans get used to online banking, booking travel arrangements, buying movie tickets and using secure websites this perceived advantage is loosing its punch. These days you are more likely to loose your privacy to a person you actually hand your credit card to than online.

Interaction. The internet is said to be an interactive medium. The local store will seem to again have the advantage here since the have sales people right in front of you to answer your questions. The problem is that anyone who has ever gone to the internet before they went shopping tends to know more about what they are looking for than the sales people. A well thought out website anticipates your questions and answers them with knowledge and experience.

When you go in to a store you rarely get to talk with the owner. It just is not possible for the owner to be available for every customer walking through the door. But online, the owner can be involved.

Experience has taught them the questions you are going to ask about every product and they know the answer. You can be half way around the world, shopping while the store owner sleeps and he can still be answering your question because he has anticipated it. Selection.

In the past, a traditional store could boast selection as a key advantage over the online store. That is far from true now. You can generally find exactly what you want on line often direct from the manufacturer or a website specializing in that particular product. Shipping. The traditional store may boast no shipping. However that depends on your point of view.

You still pay for shipping when you buy from the local store, it just comes in the form of a higher price. If the item is not in stock you pay for your gas to go to and from the store to find that out. Then when the item is at the store you pay for your gas back and forth again.

In most cases I find it costs me less to buy something on line and pay the shipping than it does to drive all over and come home empty handed. After driving to and from work the last thing most people want to do is get back in the car and drive more. The internet can be a cost effective way to save money as a consumer. By cutting out the need for a store, the middle man between the manufacturer and the consumer one can get a higher quality product for the same price as a similar one from your local store.

The Author is a business owner with more than twenty years experience. A former Police Sgt, Pilot, Heavy Equipment Operator, Trained Mechanic that has written technical manuals and short stories. An accomplished motorcycle rider he enjoys riding the back roads of Washington on his Harley Davidson, with his wife riding copilot. Please visit SpaCap.com Spa Covers


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